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How it works

We team up with you, the artist/musician/artisan/business owner, etc. to promote your body of work (hence, the name Torso). I’ll be up front with you: This is a business, I charge a nominal fee. Trust me though, it’s worth it. We offer short and long term strategies.

Short term strategy:

1. You pick a specific day/s that you would like Torso to promote your work, the fee varies based on the day you choose.

2. We work together on a strategy for the day/s. The key is developing interesting content that others will view. We can do give aways, videos, interviews, reviews, contests, the sky is the limit.

3. On your day/s, we implement the strategy. I start off by changing my twitter and facebook profile pic to your logo. I then do a morning shout out to my network about your work. In the afternoon we get into the bulk of the strategy whether its a contest or video or something else. To finish, we do an evening wrap up that covers everything else that we did throughout the day.

4. You link to my site, I link to your site, we “like” each other, we ask our friends to “like” each other. Your body of work is seen by more people. Our networks grow together. We are all happy and our lives enriched.

Long Term Strategy:

We develop a complete strategy for your business. This includes marketing, advertising, and pr. This is a tailored approach and a meeting or eight is required.

This is an ever-evolving process. Feel free to email any questions to me:

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