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Who are the cultural creatives?

March 25, 2011

There’s artists and then there are ARTISTS. There are businesses and then there are businesses that do things radically. Wikipedia has a pretty good definition:

Cultural Creatives is a term coined by sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson to describe a large segment in Western society that has recently developed beyond the standard paradigm of Modernists or Progressives versus Traditionalists or Conservatives.”

I encourage you to read the rest of the post. It’s very interesting. I tend to think a little differently about what makes up a cultural creative than those who coined the term, but I still feel they are the ones creating waves in todays world. These are the people I aim to help.

Who do you know that falls under the description?

I can give you a couple people and businesses:

Brett Hunter – Awesome artist who paints great introverted stuff with little concern for the financial aspect of it. Brett’s site                  —–><——Go there, add him, look at his rad art.

Attitude Designs – A business that is made up of a diverse staff of creative individuals functioning as one to churn out the best printed materials in Carbondale, maybe the world. —-><—– The only bad part is that they need a proper web page. What’s up Josh, Carly,Brett H., Andrew, Courtney, and Elaine?

These people are the people that make things happen. Let me know if you know anyone like this.


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Baldwin Piano “Taste of Home Cooking School” Ticket Give Away

March 25, 2011

Have you heard about the Taste of Home Cooking Class? It’s the perfect event for anyone who loves cooking or food. It’s being held on Thursday, March 31st at the SIUC Student Center.

Here’s the link —–>

And the best part? …..drumroll please…………Baldwin Piano is giving away 2 tickets. You want ’em? Do this:

1. Go to the Torso Media Facebook Business Page and “Like” it

2. Go to the Baldwin Piano Facebook Buisness Page and “Like” it

If you’ve already “Liked” one of these pages simply go to the bottom of the TorsoMedia page and sign up for the TorsoMedia email updates

Get your “Like” on before 9 am on Saturday, March 26th. That’s when the contest ends.

We’ll be announcing the winner on Saturday at Noon via Facebook. So stay tuned and good luck.


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Baldwin Piano and Organ Center of Herrin, IL is the BEST!

March 25, 2011

Are you a musician? Do you have a musician in your family or your close circle of friends? Chances are you answered “yes” to one of the two questions. If so, you should definitely stop by Baldwin Piano and Organ Center in Herrin, IL.

I’m not gonna bore you with all kinds of musician talk. I’m just gonna say that the peeps at Baldwin are the best.

In the interest of full disclosure: I worked there for a super long time. About 7 years off and on depending on what silly side job I had going. The thing is, I stayed there so long because I was treated like gold. That’s just how they treat people. Whether you are a business, an organization, or individual, they want you to have the exact piano or organ that suits your needs and budget.

Check their media out

They hang out at 200 N. Park Ave in Herrin, IL. Look for the huge Baldwin sign.

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My brother has a cool literary blog you should check out

March 21, 2011

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March 21, 2011

Have something that you want to market but don’t want to be publicly affiliated with Torso Media? We do private consulting for super cheap. Email me at for info.

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We Just Launched

March 21, 2011


Thanks for the positive response. Check out my Facebook at and my Twitter @RobMcGee83

Interview with Chris Rigdon of Shark Week

March 21, 2011

Shark Week rules. No, not the Discovery Channel event (although it does rule). The band Shark Week. I recently had a chance to talk with mastermind Chris Rigdon about Shark Week and a bunch of other rad stuff. Torso is the bold type.

I’m just gonna ask you a bunch of question and parse the ones that you look totally arrogant, ok?

hahaha, perfect. you shouldn’t have to do much parsing.


fire away

So tell me a little about Shark Week? Who’s in it? How did it start?

Shark Week is basically just me. I write all the songs and play all the instruments. The only exception is on ‘Beach Party,’ where Beth does some backing vocals.

It started just for fun. All the tracking is done in my apartment.

What’s inspiring you as of late?

I like the chill-wave movement, but i don’t know how much of an influence that is on what I’m doing now. I like the So Cal stuff. Wavves, Ty Segall, etc. The whole lo-fi thing. I like lo-fi recordings. People tend to dismiss them offhand because of the production, but I think it can add a lot of charm.

Me too, it such a breath of fresh air from the over produced shit of the early 00’s

Yeah, even a lot of ‘indie rock’ nowadays is overproduced. Arcade Fire, for example

Do you like Arcade Fire, though?

Yeah, I do. I was shocked when they won that Grammy. I thought for sure they’d give it to Steely Dan. jk lol OMG!

Haha, I can get down with a little Steely Dan myself. But I agree with you.  It seems like “Indie Rock” is such a blanket term these day it doesn’t mean anything.

It’s completely meaningless. How does an ‘indie’ band win the Grammy for best album? I mean, c’mon. And the overproduction is just a product of the digital revolution. Bands now are being turned loose to produce their on records on a laptop. It’s really hard to edit yourself, ya know? It’s hard not to throw the whole kitchen sink in there and declare it a masterpiece.

I know I’ve done it. We were both totally into a little bit of over production, I think. The only difference was that you actually got things done (in previous bands, The Tits and Hypnic Jerk).

Hahaha. I’m not sure how. I used to smoke weed connstantly back then.

Is there any sort of music scene going on in Pulaski, TN?

No. Not at all. It’s the birthplace of the KKK, actually. So there’s a lot of “culture and heritage” [winks], but no music scene. It’s close to Nashville, though, so I try to get up there as often as possible.

Who are your top 3 nashville artists and top 3 non-nashville artists?

Hmm…Nashville:1) Caitlin Rose. She’s fantastic. Her voice, her lyrics… I don’t know if you’ve ever seen her live, but… she’s spellbinding.

I’ve heard a little but I’ll check out more stuff.

2) The Features. These guys should be bigger than Kings of Leon. They’re just a great power pop band.

3) Turbo Fruits. I have to be a fan, because otherwise I might get bitter. Hahaha. (The Tits and Turbo Fruits shared a rhythm section before the break up of The Tits -ed.)

That’s a positive outlook. I do that with a lot of things in life. Ok, Top 3 national artisits.

Like, current artists?


Lady Gaga (before she decided to be Madonna), The Walkmen, and Wavves. That kid from Wavves is such a little brat. I love it.

Yeah he is. Good though. So what’s the future like for Shark Week?

I’ve got a track that I’ve been putting off (because I’m lazy) that’s mostly finished called IDK U BUT I H8 U. I just need to put some vocals on it. And then there are two more songs that need completion. I’ll release it as an EP soon, probably in April.

Thats all I Have for now. Thanks for talking with me.

Thanks, Rob.

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